Wheelchair Lift for Home

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There are some people who are wheelchair bound who can’t easily stand on their own to ride a stairlift, much less climb a staircase with the assistance of a stairlift or someone else. If you are one of these people, what you need is a wheelchair lift for home use.

With a wheelchair-friendly lift, you will be able to stay in your wheelchair as you travel between the floors of your home.

There are two basic types of residential wheelchair lifts offered by CS Access. The first is an inclined platform lift that bring you and your wheelchair up and down a staircase. The second type is the more traditional vertical elevator, also known as a home lift. Either product can service your needs – which product you choose depends on your stairs and your preferences.

Inclined Platform Lift for Stairs

If you would rather install a lift in your house that can climb a staircase while carrying you in your wheelchair, you can’t get a better product than a new Logic inclined platform lift.

The Logic has such a durable and reliable design that it is even suitable for installation in a public building or business establishment where it would see very heavy and frequent use.

The Logic rides on a very strong rail system that is bolted to the stair steps for strength.

Logic Inclined Platform Lift

Slim Inclined Platform Lift

While the Logic is great on straight or curved stairs, staircases indoors sometimes have very tight bends or limited spaces that need something that is narrower or slimer. In such cases, the Slim is the perfect solution.

The Slim is an inclined platform lift specially designed to be able to work inside on narrow staircases with tight curves and limited space. Just like the Logic, it is highly reliable and provides the utmost in safety and comfort for you while you ride it.

Both the Slim and the Logic are battery powered and will continue to operate normally even during a power outage. It’s nice knowing that you have that kind of reliability so that you are never stuck inside, or outside or mid-trip on the lift during a blackout.

Vertical Platform Home Lift

Some may not be able to fit an inclined platform lift that traverses their staircase due to extreme space constraints, while other may simply prefer to install a more typical elevator at home. For such needs, CS Access offers two great solutions, the Trio and the Midilift.

Both elevators are able to carry a wheelchair, with the Midilift being able to be installed outside your home while still allowing easy access from the inside. Either product would be a great solution that would allow you to easily move around your home in your wheelchair and both are also fully battery powered that works even during power outages.

The Trio is the smallest and least expensive vertical platform lift that can accommodate a wheelchair. On top of that, it is designed to operate from on a standard electrical wall outlet to keep its batteries charged, and can fit almost anywhere in your house. With no shaft, pit or machine room requirements, the Trio is a popular elevator, and can accept up to three standing adult passengers at a time or one passenger in a wheelchair or using a walking frame.

Trio Home Lift

Midilift Home Lift

The Midilift is the other home lift available from CS Access in Malaysia.

It is a lot larger than the Trio, but at the same time it can take up far less space inside your home than even the smallest home lifts. This is because the Midilift has the option to be installed outside a building against an exterior wall. The door to the elevator can still be inside your home so that you could easily go in and out of the elevator and travel between the floors of your home with no fuss, thereby taking up practically no space inside your home.

You won’t need anyone’s help to use it either, because it is very simple to operate and the controls are easy to access. The Midilift has a huge lift capacity, up to 400kg, and thus has an amazing capacity for a home lift. It can carry four adult passengers and can easily handle carrying you and your wheelchair.

Also, the platform size and shape has several options so that you can more easily fit the Midilift into the space you have available.

There is no good reason to let stairs limit your mobility in your own home. For information about any of the lifts mentioned here or to schedule a visit from one of our professionals to do a free, on-site survey of your home in order to assess your needs, please contact us – we are waiting to hear from you.

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