Stair Climbing Aids

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Aging is part of life. Climbing stairs is great exercise, but when you are elderly, it can become progressively harder to climb the stairs in your home. It can eventually get to the point that you are no longer able to do it safely without some help. The same can also be true if you are disabled.

Fortunately, there is a variety of equipment that can assist a person who has most of their mobility but needs a little help, such as walking canes, walking frames, or powered devices such as a lift or elevator to give you the help you need to climb stairs in your home.


If you don’t use a wheelchair or you can get up from a wheelchair and change seats on your own, a stairlift may be a good mobility solution for you to get from floor to floor. CS Access offers a very wide range of Stannah stairlifts, all of which are great solutions; three of the best for indoor use are the Starla, Siena and Sadler.

Starla and Siena

  • Comes with a seatbelt that can be operated with one hand
  • Offers a very wide assortment of upholstery options
  • Has a high-lift capacity and can support up to 160kg


  • Has a seat that tilts forward – supports most of your weight in a semi-standing position
  • Is great for curved and narrow stairs
  • A good choice for people who lack flexibility in their knees and hips

Lifts For Wheelchairs

If your disability is more severe and you need to be able to be moved between floors while seated in your wheelchair, then there is no more complete solution than an in-home elevator.

We have several lift products that can do the job and are designed to make your disability less of a problem at home, such as the Midilift and Trio home lifts, and the Logic and Slim inclined platform lifts.

The Midilift and Trio are easy to install in your home; they require limited space and will lift you and your wheelchair, or several passengers with ease between two floors.

Alternatively, an inclined platform lift can offer much of the same utility as a home lift. Our Logic and Slim inclined platform lifts make easy work of curved or straight stairs in and around your home.

With a Logic or Slim in your home, you will be able to get around without the help of other people, even when you are in a wheelchair. A good platform lift can help to restore the mobility and freedom you need.

Outdoor Lifts

When you have health problems or a disability, the great-looking landscaping and terrain outside your home may now seem like an insurmountable obstacle to your mobility. To help you solve this, we have a few solutions that work very well on stairs outside your home.

The 320 Outdoor is a stairlift that is designed to withstand the elements and will be able to get you up and down those outdoor staircases safely and comfortably.

If you need to ride in your wheelchair, the Logic inclined platform life is a logical solution. The Logic is powder-coated and weather-sealed, and battery powered for outdoor use. Even for the outdoors, CS Access has a product for any lift mobility challenge you may face.

Getting from the car to the top floor of your home or getting to the second floor reliably and safely is not a problem with a lift mobility solution from CS Access. Contact us for information or for assistance with our mobility products and services.

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