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Once a house or other building is built, you need to work within the existing structure when adding a lift. Adding a shaftless elevator is much less expensive than adding a conventional elevator with a shaft. Besides the expense of most elevators, it is often not possible to add a new elevator with a machine room and shaft due to space limitations.

For such cases, CS Access offers many lift mobility solutions that do not need a shaft, such as inclined platform lifts, vertical home lifts, and stairlifts. All of these solutions can move a disabled or elderly person between two floors, with each type accomplishing the task in different ways and all without needing a shaft.

The Stairlift

A stairlift avoids needing a shaft by traveling up and down your stairs. It’s sort of like traveling on a conveyor belt except you simply sit in a very safe and comfortable chair while you travel.

These mobility products just bolt to the stair steps and the landing area of the floor. They are very easy to install and have no special power requirements besides a normal electrical wall outlet. This makes a new stairlift cost considerably less than other mobility product.

CS Access offers many models of stairlifts that can navigate curved or straight stairs and even very narrow staircases.

The most popular stairlift sold by CS Access is the Stannah Siena. It has a very respectable lift capacity as well as a range of attractive and practical vinyl coverings.

The Stannah Starla, is just as capable as the Siena and has every possible option and customization available to make it as attractive and comfortable as you want to make it.

If your stairs are extremely narrow, you will find that the semi-standing riding position and the narrow, compact design of the Stannah Sadler makes it a perfect choice for your narrow stairs.

Besides the Siena, Starla and Sadler stairlifts, CS Access also offers the Solus, Sofia, as well as the Outdoor 320 model that works great outside your home. Other mobility product suppliers can’t offer such a wide array of stairlift designs with such high quality.

Riding on a Siena Stairlift

Outdoor 320 Stairlift

Slim Inclined Platform Lift

The Inclined Platform Lift

Like a stairlift, an inclined platform lift travels along a special rail system that works on either straight or curved stairs. You can ride on the platform up and down stairs in a wheelchair or sitting in a fold out seat. This makes an inclined platform lift more flexible in many situations, especially when a wheelchair is involved.

Two inclined platform lifts models are available: the Logic and the Slim.

The Slim can be used on curved or straight stairs, and excels on narrow indoor staircases, especially on curved and narrow stairs.

The Logic is great for straight staircases. Also, if you have a project that requires an outdoor lift, the Logic works just as well outdoors as indoors and it is suitable for public or private use.

The Vertical Home Lift

Residential or home lifts travel straight up and down just like any elevator; they are very convenient to use and are usually the most versatile type of lift equipment you can have.

Two home lift models offered by CS Access work without a shaft, using any normal 13-Amp electrical wall outlet and will not require many modifications to your home:


The Duo is the smallest and easiest to install of the vertical lift elevators that CS Access can provide you.

Its self-supporting twin-rail system means that all it requires is a hole between floors to pass through, which is an easy modification to make to your home.

It can convey up to two adult passengers between two floors of your house, or one passenger seated in the fold out chair.


If you need a lift that can carry up to three standing passengers or you while seated in your wheelchair, the Trio is a very good choice. It also has enough space for passengers that need to use a walking frame.

The design of the Trio is similar to that of the Duo, utilizing the same self-supporting twin-rail system. Thus, the space the Trio uses is small, its power requirements are low and it is relatively simple and cheap to install.

The Trio offers you a level of flexibility that will allow you and others in your home to move around freely, with as much independence as possible no matter the disability.

When you need a high-quality mobility solution that doesn’t need a shaft like a conventional elevator does, CS Access should be the first company that comes to your mind. So, contact us to talk with one of our professional consultants about the lifts that will work best for you. You can also schedule a free in-home visit for an on-site survey and to get more details about the perfect lift you need.

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