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CS Access offers many types of lifts to help an elderly or a disabled person to get around their home, both inside and out. An inclined platform lift can offer many of the benefits of a hydraulic vertical home lift product like the Midilift but at a lower cost while taking up less space.

This type of lift can carry you up and down your stairs without you needing to leave your wheelchair. For some people, that is all they need. This is a very big advantage if you can’t stand easily on your own or easily change chairs without help. CS Access has a solution for any residential mobility need you may have.

Platform Lift Inside Your Home

Indoors, there are usually straight, slowly winding or curved staircase that alternate directions. CS Access can provide two types of inclined platform lifts for your home: the Logic or the Slim. Either can handle straight or curved stairs, with people usually selecting the Logic for straight stairs and the Slim for either curved stairs or stairs too narrow for the Logic.

The advantage of using an inclined platform lift instead of a stairlift is that you can stay in your wheelchair while using the lift; you don’t have to be transferred between your wheelchair and the lift, and you don’t need a separate wheelchair for every floor of your home.

Also, from an independence point of view, if getting up from your wheelchair on your own is difficult or impossible, an inclined platform wheelchair lift can by operated by you, alone, anytime you like without having to ask anyone’s help.

Riding The Logic Or Slim Is Very Easy

You can summon it using wall-mounted call buttons positioned both upstairs and downstairs. Once in place, it will unfold with the press of a button. You can then simple roll up onto the platform with your wheelchair, which is very easy to do. After that, lowering the safety rails is also done with a button press.

And it is very easy to control the journey up and down the stairs, and the edges of the platform rise, cradling your wheelchair to ensure it can’t possibly roll of the platform while in motion. It is very easy, simple and safe, and you can operate it with ease on your own. This way, you are free to go where you want when you want in your home.

Platform Lift Outside Your Home

Getting around outside your house can be equally challenging when you have stairs leading up to the front door of your home. Long stairs look especially daunting, but even a small set of stairs can be equally difficult to deal with while in a wheelchair. The Logic can give you a hand in getting to the top of those stairs, allowing you to take care of that problem with ease.

The Logic also has a special weather-resistant design that is sealed against rain, to keep the electronics and controls operational at all times. Even the metal used in the frame is powder-coated to protect against rust and corrosion, and the rails are anodized aluminum, which is very resistant to moisture or salt exposure.

Riding the Logic outdoors is no different than riding an indoor inclined platform lift, so it is very intuitive. The Logic has a very dependable and sturdy design, and is also able to be used inside or outside a public or commercial building as well.

Need Something Bigger?

If you need a bigger, heavier-lifting residential elevator, you might also consider the Duo and Trio, or the higher capacity Midilift, which can also be positioned outside your home to serve passengers inside. These work well when an inclined platform lift isn’t an option for you or if you just want more capability and multi-passenger support.

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