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If you are in a wheelchair, a single stair may be one too many in your home. When you have mobility challenges that require you to use a wheelchair and if you want full independence, there is no better solution than a platform lift to get yourself from floor to floor in your home.

CS Access offers a few models of platform lifts that are capable of handling a wheelchair such as inclined platform lifts for your staircases or home lifts that take up up and down vertically. We even have lift solutions should there be not enough space in your home for an elevator or if you just prefer the lift to be installed outside your home.

For versatility, we offer the Stannah Midilift, which is a vertical home lift that can installed inside your house as well as outside, yet be able to give you mobility inside your home. In addition, you can also get a Logic inclined platform lift for the outdoors, which is great for transporting you in your wheelchair yet be able to withstand rain, sand, dust or salt air. With both lifts, you will never have to get out of your wheelchair or ask anyone to help you use the lift.

Logic Inclined Platform Lift

When people think of elevated platform lifts, they usually think of traditional elevators. The fact is, there are very often stairs outside a home that a person in a wheelchair will need help to get past. The Logic is a perfect platform lift for such outdoor use.

The metal of the Logic inclined platform lift is powder coated; this type of coating is much tougher than ordinary paint and can resist outdoor conditions very well. The wiring of the lift, as well as the motor and controls are sealed and equally well protected from moisture. Even the rails are outdoor weather-proofed anodized aluminum. Every aspect of the Logic is designed to function reliably, without fail for years in all climates.

The Logic is installed with summoning stations on the top and bottom of the stairs and can be easily operated from a wheelchair. If the lift isn’t already in position, you just press the call button and the Logic will come to you.

Since the Logic folds up against the rails to keep the stairs clear, you will just need to press a button to make it automatically unfold if it isn’t already deployed. Once the Logic’s platform is ready, you simply roll up onto its easy-to-access platform. There are guard rails that you can lower into place with the push of a button. When you press the control to make the Logic start its trip, the edges of the platform curl up and cradle your wheelchair in place. Your safety is guaranteed: between the guard rails and the platform edges, you won’t roll off the lift. Getting off the Logic and folding it up again is also an easy push button process.

Midilift Elevator

Inside your home, when you need a platform lift, nothing is better than a home lift. Residential elevator solutions like the Trio or Midilift can certainly service your mobility needs, even if you use a wheelchair or walking frame.

However, when you want to have the elevator installed against a wall outside your home so that you can use it inside without it taking up any space in the home , the Midilift is the product you need.

Although the Midilift can be positioned completely inside your home, it works equally well positioned outside with no space lost inside. It can carry you in your wheelchair and a friend or two at the same time. It can also handle four standing adults with the greatest of ease.

Also, since the platform is available in different shapes and sizes, it can be adapted to most homes. Unlike most elevators, the Midilift doesn’t need a machine room or a shaft. Moreover, your house structure doesn’t need to support the Stannah Midilift. The Midilift is self-supporting. Like the Logic, the exposed parts of the Midilift are powder coated and the working parts and electronics are sealed against rain and moisture.

Another great thing about both the Midilift and the Logic is they are also both suited for public and commercial use. This makes these solutions a cost effective and quick way to meet access requirements for the disabled when your building wasn’t originally built to be wheelchair accessible.

A platform lift that can operate outside can give a person nearly complete independence inside and outside their home. If you would like to find a mobility solution to fit your needs, search no further than CS Access. Contact our sales and customer support office to set up a free on-site survey and consultation, or to get information about our mobility products and services.

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