How Does A Stairlift Work?

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A stairlift really is just a chair that a person can sit on, with some machinery added, controls and a system of rails that allow the chair to travel up and down the stairs while you safely rest in the seat.

In the case of Stannah stairlifts, there is a powerful onboard direct current motor that drives a reduction gear transmission. The gears of the transmission engage with the gear teeth integrated into the rails or track system, depending on whether the stairlift is used on straight or curved stairs. These geared teeth are safely encased or otherwise hidden from view.

Push-button call stations located at the top and bottom of the staircase can be used to call or send the lift up or down the stairs. This feature is very useful when there are two or more people in a house that use the stairlift.

Onboard the stairlift, you will find a simple, initiative control that can be mounted on the left or right side of the chair, a folding footrest and folding armrests that allow you to make the lift form more compact when you are not using it.

Safety Features

There are many basic safety features built into all the Stannah line of stairlifts. Some of these are:

Seat sensors that only allow the lift to operate if you are safely seated


Edge sensors that safely stop the lift if it should impact something


Safety harness/seat belt


Power switch or immobilization switch with removable key

Basic Components

The design of the stairifts can vary somewhat between models and rail type, depending on if you have a straight or curved stairs installation and how narrow the stairs are.

However, the basic components are:


Stairlifts may have curved rails with geared teeth or a straight track with gear teeth


Onboard batteries in the stairlifts are kept charged automatically by home AC electrical power, allowing the stairlifts to work during temporary power outages


Summoning stations at the top and bottom of stairs can call or send the stairlift


Onboard motor drives a reduction gear which meshes with the stair rails gears, allowing the lift to be able to climb and decent smoothly


Stairlifts can be controlled with onboard controls that can be mounted on either side of the chair

Contact CS Access to find out more about stairlifts and to find the perfect solution you need to easily get from floor to floor within your home.

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