How Does A Lift Work?

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In all the lifts available from CS Access, there are some basic mechanical features that are shared. They are all safe, driven by compact but powerful electric drive motors with substantial torque-multiplying reduction gear units. They all have battery power backup and available call stations. Also, all the lifts are easy to operate with well-placed controls. Moreover, all are easy to service.

Mechanically, the basic designs are broken down as follows:

Starting out with the residential elevators, they are ingeniously simple and elegant in design, allowing them to work in most buildings.

Rather than relying on the structure of your home to provide the main support, the home lifts are pretty much free-standing. They have a system of 2 legs that support most of the weight of the lift. There is one leg on each side of the elevator. At the top, there is a support structure that connects the 2 legs.

This simple and elegant solution is very strong and yet very compact, allowing the lift to be installed in just about any room you would like and to even work between many staircases in the void space.

This allows the elevator lift to be installed without altering the stairs. The home lifts are so compact, they can even be installed completely inside a closet in some cases.

This allows the elevator lift to be installed without altering the stairs. The home lifts are so compact, they can even be installed completely inside a closet in some cases.

Many elevators incorporate bulky, expensive and loud hydraulic systems and need separate machines rooms, making them expensive, loud, large and cumbersome to install. Our home lifts use a compact and powerful electric drive motor, with a substantial reduction gearing, which amplifies the torque of the motor and allows it to easily and reliably lift the elevator and passengers. This motor includes a simple pully system with durable cabling attached at the high point of the structure above the lift. That’s it. It is reliable and just works. Sometimes simple is better.

Stairlifts can be broken down into two basic types mechanically. Those that ride on a straight rail on straight stairs and those that ride on curved rails.

Both types of stairlifts use a powerful DC motor, linked to a reduction gearbox transmission that leads to a output shaft with a gear that drives the chair up and down the stairs. The output shaft gears engage with gear teeth on the rails and that enables the stairlift to climb and descend the stairs.

It is all very reliable, compact and quite sturdy. All the gears and teeth are quite well enclosed or hidden from view.

Rails are bolted to the stair steps and the floor, never the wall of the building. Both the curved and straight rails are very strong, but look a bit different.

The straight rail system is one low wide rail and the seat sets almost directly above it. The curved rail system uses two rails that have a narrow profile and are custom made according to the needs of each installation. No matter which system you need, curved or straight, our stairlifts optimize space by using quality, compact components and a fold up design.

The basic mechanical principle of the stairlifts is also used in the inclined platform lifts. The rails, whether straight or curved, the power unit that drives the lift, with its reduction gears, and interlocking teeth are all very similar to those of the stairlifts.

The biggest difference is that instead of a chair that you sit in, there is a platform that is easily wheelchair-accessible, thus a passenger remains in a wheelchair while riding up and down the stairs.

The inclined platform lifts have several safety features that keeps the passenger safe during transit. The main safety features are edges that angle up on both sides of the lift that ensure the wheelchair can’t roll while in motion and a set of safety arms that drop down to surround the wheelchair and its occupant during transit. 

Our inclined platform lifts are also quite compact and can be folded up, like the stairlifts.

Simplicity is a feature and unnecessary complexity is a sign of poor design: our lifts are as simple and reliable as possible, and built to last.

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