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If you are disabled or simply elderly and have trouble going up and down the stairs of your home, CS Access offers many home lift solutions that can help you.

The mobility devices that attach to your staircase and can traverse up and down the stairs include stairlifts (also known as chair lifts) and inclined platform lifts. A stairlift is a type of lift that let you ride up and down the stairs while sitting in a chair, while an inclined platform lift allows you to ride while seated in your wheelchair. CS Access sells models of both type of lift that are designed to overcome the unique challenges your stairs may present.

In addition, each type also provide additional options to address your individual wants and needs as well as to suit your individual tastes.

Stairlifts For Curved or Straight Stairs

Stairlifts are a very nice solution if you don’t need to ride in a wheelchair up and down your stairs.

They are very compact, being able to be folded up when you don’t need to use them and have a lower price than any other powered mobility system for your stairs.

Stairlifts are highly recommended if you can stand and walk but can’t climb the stairs safely. The stairlift products offered by CS Access work well on straight or curved stairs, and there is even a model that can handle extremely narrow stairs, if you need that.

The best stairlifts that CS Access offers are the Starla and Siena. These stairlifts have excellent load carrying capacity. They can carry any passenger in safety and comfort reliably. Also, the features and options of these lifts are the most comprehensive. You can get choices of seat width and height, and backrests. The armrests, chair and seat back are all adjusted to match the dimensions of your body when installed. They are basically tailored, like a custom suit, to fit you.

With these stairlifts, aesthetics is not forgotten: they are available with a wide selection of coverings, such as durable vinyl, attractive woven fabrics and luxurious leather. For more demanding customers, you can even choose to have the chair completely custom upholstered.

Other features that may interest you are color-matched rails to match your home’s décor, and available options such as powered footrest, powered seat swivel and control options.

Even without adding options, these stairlifts are very nice. They have onboard battery power, which promises to never leave you stranded during a power outage. Safety features are also top-notch, such as one-hand-operated safety harnesses, and edge sensors that protect those around you by smoothly stopping your lift if it contacts someone unexpectedly. These stairlifts truly are the best of the best.

Starla Stairlift

Siena Stairlift

Sadler Stairlift

Stairlift for Narrow Stairs

For very narrow stairs, CS Access offers the Sadler. The Sadler is also a very nice stairlift, and like the Starla and Siena, it is a premium lift with premium looks, but in a more compact form. It is also the best stairlift design you can find for narrow stairs and works on any straight or curved staircase.

You ride the Sadler in a supported standing position, allowing you to perch yourself on the seat. Your legs are mostly straight when riding, which keeps your knees away from the opposite wall on narrow stairs. This also makes the Sadler very easy to mount and dismount for people who have trouble standing up on their own from a chair. That’s because you are never fully seated on the Sadler.

The non-slip seat and the sturdy platform footrest ensures your safety and comfort. The Sadler also carries you safely away from the stairs, well onto your upper or lower stair landing area for increased safety and to avoid fall hazards.

Inclined Platform Lifts

If you have a disability that requires you to ride in your wheelchair up and down your stairs because you can’t easily stand on your own, CS Access offers two high quality inclined platform lifts that can help you. 

Both the Logic and Slim are great lifts and work on straight or curved staircases: 

The Logic is the best choice for straight stairs that are not too narrow and works well both indoors and outdoors.

The Slim is optimized for curved rails and narrow stairways, but can also work on straight rails just as well.

The Logic is a very heavy duty premium inclined platform lift. It includes such features as anodized aluminum rails, a set of power-operated safety rails that raise and lower into place with the press of a button, and powder-coated metal surfaces and frame. Also, the edges of the platform angle up when you start your trip. This means your wheelchair can’t accidentally roll off the lift. Moreover, the Logic has onboard batteries that provide full operation during any power cut.

For stairs that are too narrow for the Logic or that have tight turns, the Slim inclined platform lift is a great alternative. The Slim is suitable for indoor applications on straight or curved stairsIt has the same features you would expect from the Logic. The big difference is that the drive system is offloaded from the Slim and is incorporated into the rails themselves. This allows the Slim to be moved much closer to the rails and wall, thus making it narrow and compact enough to use in places you can’t install the Logic. It will still accommodate your wheelchair, includes safety rails and safety lips on the platform, just like the Logic.

Logic Inclined Platform Lift

Slim Inclined Platform Lift

Our lifts are the best ones in the world, and are installed in more homes than any other brand. All the lifts mentioned above are fully battery-powered allowing continued usage even during power outages, have easy-to-operate controls, and include unrivaled safety features. They represent the best that CS Access offers for lifts that operate on your stairway.

Contact us for more information about the stairlifts and inclined platform lifts available as well as about the other mobility product and services offered by CS Access. You can also contact us for a free no-obligation on-site survey for the best lifts for your home.

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