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There are many types of home lift products on the market. Some buildings that have been built with a lift as a part of the architecture may include a lift that relies on hydraulics, has a separate machine room and a lift shaft built specifically for the elevator shaft. This is a very conventional scenario, and is what is commonly seen in most of the elevators installed in large public or private buildings.

But what do you do when your building is a home or a small residential building that wasn’t originally equipped with an elevator? What do you do when there is no room for a shaft and separate machine and hydraulics room?

CS Access offers several types of lifts that are well suited for traveling between floors in a home, with several lift solutions that will not take up a lot of space.

Residential Lift for One or Two Passengers

The Duo is a perfect lift for use in the most confined of spaces and for when you will only need to carry one or two people. The Duo is also our most compact home lift.

The reason it is so compact is that it has no pit, no machine room and uses no hydraulics. The entire elevator lift assembly consists of a twin-rail self-supporting system on either side of the elevator lift.

The drive system is a very powerful and compact electric motor and gear assembly that is stored in the top of the lift. It is the most unobtrusive and least expensive home elevator lift available.

Residential Wheelchair Lift for up to Three Passengers

In the same category as the Duo and sharing most of its same design elements is the Trio home lift.

The main difference from the Duo is that the Trio is spacious enough for either three standing passengers, one passenger in a wheelchair or one or two passengers using walking frames.

This is still a very compact and quiet residential lift that will fit almost anywhere in your home that is large enough to handle a full-sized wheelchair.

Indoor and Outdoor Residential Lift

CS Access also offers a Stannah lift product known as the Midilift. The main features of this elevator are that it is more compact than most other conventional elevators and has a high quality single-phase motor with a compact hydraulic drive unit.

For situations where the headroom on the top floor is low, such as a mezzanine floor, there is a half-height door option available.

Midilift models are also suitable for outdoor use, such as along the side of a building as well as for public and commercial buildings where it may offer compliance to regulations and laws requiring access for the disabled.

Benefits of the Midilift include:


Various sizes and shapes of platforms to suit any building

Can easily accommodate any wheelchair or persons using walking frames

Choice of up to 3 meters or 7 meters of travel

Compact self-supporting frame system with no lift beam required

No pit or machine room required

Durable single-phase motor is inexpensive to operate with low maintenance requirements

Covering and finishes can be matched to any décor

Inexpensive solution for compliance with regulations requiring access for the disabled

Powder-coated metal enclosures and sealed electronics are perfect for outdoor installation

When you need a very compact lift, you can choose the Duo home lift. Or choose the Trio or Midilift when you need a more spacious lift for your house or apartment building, such as to accommodate wheelchairs. And to have an outdoor home lift, choose the Midilift.

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