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Home lifts come in many shapes, sizes and lift capacities, depending on their intended purpose. The line of residential elevators offered by CS Access is primarily focused on providing mobility for the elderly and the disabled, although you don’t need to be either to benefit from a home lift installed in your home.

A home lift is perfect way to get to another floor if you have a disability that makes it too difficult or dangerous for you to climb the stairs. In addition, a home lift will also be very useful if you are a 45 kg woman who needs to go upstairs with a heavy bag.

For Up To Two Passengers

The smallest residential lift is the Duo, which is the smallest home lift and is able to carry up to 2 standing passengers. Its diminutive size makes it perfect for tight installations where space is limited.

If you only need to lift 2 passengers, and no heavy freight, wheelchairs nor walking frames, then the Duo will serve you well.

For Up To Three Passengers Or A Wheelchair

The Trio is a little bigger than the Duo and has significantly more lifting capacity.

A mid-sized residential lift elevator, the Trio is very similar in design to the Duo but is big enough to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair or a passenger using a walking frame.

It can also carry 3 passengers standing, or 2 passengers plus some luggage, or perhaps 1 passenger with a couple of heavy boxes.

If you need to be able to use your lift with a wheelchair or a walking frame, the Trio is the smallest lift offered by CS Access that will work for you.

For Up To Four People And A Wheelchair

The largest and heaviest lifting residential lift offered by CS Access is the Midilift. The Midilift can carry up to 4 standing passengers, or a passenger using a wheelchair or walking frame along with a couple of standing adults with ease.

The Midilift comes in three different sizes and a variety of shapes to make it more compatible with indoor installations in a variety of building shapes and sizes.

Installation will also not be a problem if there is no room inside the house and you really need it, as you can position the Midilift outside of your home or building. The Midilift is weather sealed and water sealed for use in the outdoors.

The ability to be place the lift physically outside makes the Midilift very versatile in situations where you need a high capacity heavy lifting lift but there isn’t space available inside to accommodate it. Thus it can be positioned outside of a structure against the building’s wall to serve passengers inside your business or residence.

Get The Home Lift You Need

The main purpose of our line of home lifts is to help people whose mobility is hindered by disability. With residential lifts that come in several sizes and lift capacities, it is easy to choose the right model you need based on how many people you need to transport at any one time and whether you need to accommodate a passenger using a wheelchair or a walking frame.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about the home lifts available and to get a free, no-obligation on-site survey and consultation now.

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