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The main purpose of any chairlift is to get you up and down your stairs when you are disabled or it has become too difficult or dangerous for you to be able to climb the stairs on your own. A chair lift, also known as a stairlift, is very useful for anyone who is injured, disabled or has become too weak in their legs for climbing stairs safely alone.

The primary benefit of chair lifts is that they are the smallest, lowest cost, least obtrusive and cheapest powered mobility solution you are likely to find. They are great to use when you need help getting up and down stairs but don’t want to install something larger, like an inclined platform wheelchair lift or a residential elevator in your home.

A chair lift does more than restore your mobility. It also restores your freedom to do what you want and when you want to do it, without having to wait for someone else to have the time to help you.

CS Access offers a wide variety of chair lifts that will work on straight or curved stairs, and even on very narrow staircases. Since mobility needs aren’t limited to only the indoors, we also offer the Outdoor, which is a stairlift that can handle all your outdoor stairs around your home with ease.

Safety and Reliability

Stannah lifts are known the world over for their reliability and safety. You will not find a more reliable lift anywhere. Some of the great safety features built into the design of all Stannah lifts include:

• Built-in battery powered equipment so you will never be stranded when there is a blackout

On/off switch or locking key switch when you need to immobilize lift

• Easy-to-operate safety belt

• Simple-to-operate controls can be positioned on the left or right of the chair

• Pressure safety sensor in the seat immobilizes the lift until you are safely seated

Edge sensors detect any contact or impact with a person or object and halt the lift

• Other safety options available upon request

Top of the Line Chair Lifts

Depending on your needs you may choose to get the best, most customizable chair lift available and with the highest weight carrying ratings.

In that case, CS Access offers the Starla and Siena.

They are both great, top of the line lifts and both highly configurable to match your needs.

The Starla is the most customizable of the two and offers the most options.

Stairlift for Narrow Staircases

Not every home is the same. Some have nice wide stairs and others are more on the ultra-compact side. If your home has a staircase that is too narrow for most other chair lifts, the Sadler will most certainly work for you.

With the Sadler, you never need to sit down fully. You put most of your weight on the pivoting tilted seat and ride the lift in a mostly standing position. That design feature allows the Sadler to be compact enough to work on narrow stairs that are straight or curved.

It is also perfect for anyone with weak or inflexible knees or hips. It also works wonderfully for people who have trouble standing up from a chair without help.

Quality Medium Capacity Chair Lifts

Not everyone needs the heaviest lifting chair lift. If you are not very large, you may be looking for a less expensive medium capacity lift. We offers two such lifts: the Solus and Sofia are very reliable, high quality and very safe stairlifts that will suit you well if you don’t need an extremely high lifting capacity.

Both chair lifts have many available upholstery options that can be customized to suit your tastes and needs. Of the two, the Solus has the most feature options and available customizations.

Stairlift for Outdoors

Some houses are difficult to approach or even to reach the front door when your mobility is limited. When there are stairs outside and the land around your home has steep hills and you need to climb stairs to get to your house, the Outdoor stairlift is the solution you are looking for.

The Outdoor is sealed against the weather, the aluminum rails will not rust and neither will the powder-coated metal on the chair lift, allowing it to work in the hot or cold, rain or shine. The Outdoor can carry you from your car park up the longest stairs and right to your front door, if you need that. No outdoor staircase is too big or too small for the Outdoor.

All our chair lifts also come with wall-mounted call stations located at the top and bottom of your stairs; making it easy for you to summon the chair lift to your location with a press of a button.

If you have ever felt like a prisoner in and around your own home because of the lack of independent mobility, our line of chair lifts can set you free again to live more independently. Form inside to outside, CS Access has a mobility solution for you.

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