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CS Access offers a line of lift products for the Malaysia market.

We are very proud to be a supplier of Stannah mobility products – Stannah is a well-respected name in the mobility industry and has more lifts installed throughout the world than any other brand.

Our company offers inclined platform lifts, home elevators and stairlifts for both indoor and outdoor applications. Each of our lift products is available in many configurations and with many options.

In addition, each of our lifts is engineered to perform well to meet your specific mobility requirements. They all great products: take a look around our website to find out which work best inside and which are better for outdoor use. Find out which of our lifts have a greater load carrying capacity, and which ones provide exceptional performance in cramped spaces or narrow, curved staircases.

To help you, our customers, better understand what we can offer you, our blog will frequently feature interesting and informative information about the products available as well as giving you general information about lift mobility solutions.

So, thank you for your interest in CS Access’s superior line of lift solutions and welcome to our blog!


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Elevator Platform Lift

A platform lift or elevator is usually the best option for you when you or someone else in your house needs help to travel from floor to floor in your home, and is especially useful for people who need to use a wheelchair or other walking aid.

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1-Man Lift

If you are having trouble climbing the stairs of your home and are looking for a one-man lift, you are probably interested in getting the most compact lift at the best price that will help you to overcome your mobility limitations.

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Straight Stair Lift

Walking when you are elderly or disabled is great exercise. However, climbing the stairs with great difficulty is not good exercise even if it is a straight staircase; it is simply dangerous and unnecessary. Thus, as it is better to be safe than sorry by installing a stairlift for your straight staircase, Read this article to find out more about the many stairlift models available to help you to safely climb the stairs in your own home.

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Chair That Goes Up Stairs

The stairlift is a wonderful invention designed to enable anyone with a mobility challenge to be able to safely climb the stairs in their home without fear of falling and without needing to wait for the help of others.

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Inclined Chair Lift

You can choose to stop struggling with inclined stairs in your home now. A new Stannah stairlift can solve many of your mobility problems at home, particularly when it comes to climbing up and down staircases. No matter if your problem is a set of straight or curved stairs, indoors or outdoors, CS Access can install a quality stairlift that will be safe, reliable, comfortable and easy to use.

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Chair Lift for Disabled

The Stannah stairlift solutions available from CS Access in Malaysia can help you to eliminate the barriers to free mobility around your home. If you have stairs inside or outside your home, Stannah has stairlifts you can get installed to make sure you can get from your car, up the stairs to your front door and up to the top floor of your home without needing to call for help.

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Wheelchair Stair Lifts for Home

Don’t let staircases around your home or office limit your mobility or that of a family member. The right inclined platform lift will help you to be able to move around your home freely.

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