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CS Access Technology provides you with innovative products and services to assist in staying mobile at home, offering top-of-the-line models available to the public in Malaysia.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality lift and elevator solutions to you.

The design of our elevators and lifts minimize impact on the structure of your home or any building you choose to install them in, while providing high levels of safety, low maintenance and an easy-to-service design to ensuring a long life and low cost of maintenance of our products for you. 

Types of Lifts Available

Home Lifts
Home lifts are able to lift one to four people, either standing, sitting in a wheel chair or a combination of the two. They move between two or more floors, straight up and down.

Duo Home Lift

For two passengers

Trio Home Lift

For three passengers or a wheelchair

Stairlifts follow the path of your home’s staircase, providing a comfortable chair or padded seat for you to lean on as you travel up and down the stairs along guide rails and can be installed on straight, narrow and curved stairs.

We offer several models of stairlifts to suit your needs, each of which provides you with a comfortable seat, backrest and armrests.

Our Solus, Sofia, Starla, Siena and Sadler stairlift models, can accommodate curved or straight staircases, with automatic footrest fold feature as a standard. For added peace of mind, all the stairlifts are powered by batteries, so your stairlift can remain operational even when there is an interruption in the electrical power supply.


Modern and smart


Comfort and style


Stand-up and ride


Weather resistant

Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts are designed to attach to stair railings and carry one person in a wheelchair safely between two or more floors. This type of lift is available for curved, bent or circular staircases as well as the straight ones that do not have any bends along the staircase.

Each inclined platform lift is a modular system composed of materials that are resistant to the elements and are even suitable for outdoor use. The lift carries an on-board battery backup in case of power failure, ensuring that it will never leave you stranded.


Slim Inclined Platform Lift

For stairs with curves & bends

Logic Inclined Platform Lift

For straight stairs

Lifts for Different Types of staircases

Straight Staircases

All of our inclined platform lifts and stairlifts can be installed on straight staircases.

For stairlifts, you can choose from the Solus, Sofia, Starla, Siena or Sadler stairlift. And for straight staircases outside your house, the Outdoor stairlift can handle the weather yet provide you with a comfortable ride up and down the stairs. Alternatively, get the Slim or Logic inclined platform lift fitted to your straight staircase.

Curved Staircases

Curved staircases present a challenge to the installation of lifts due to limited space available as well as the tight turns along the stairs.

Our Slim inclined platform lift overcomes these obstacles with a narrow profile, and is designed to work well in buildings that have narrow winding staircases. This is the most compact lift design offered, has excellent reliability and is quite versatile. Alternative, choose any one of our stairlifts that can negotiate the turns and bends on the staircase, such as the Solus, Sofia, Starla, Siena and Sadler models.

Lifts Independent of staircases

Home Lifts

Our home lifts can carry one to three people between two floors. The unique stilt platform design of these elevators minimizes impact on the structure of your home and requires no additional structural support.

These home lifts are self-supporting, have a minimum footprint, are easy to install, is super quiet, has low power consumption.

They also operate from a standard electrical wall outlet, thus minimizing your wiring costs, while the main drive unit is completely self-contained and hidden from sight.

Choose the home lift model based on your needs, from the compact Duo version, to the larger, wider Trio version that can accommodate a wheelchair of any size.

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